Pregnancy, new borns and new mums.


Many women experience pain and discomfort during their pregnancy due to the changes the body is required to make to accommodate for the changing size of the uterus and also due to hormonal changes. Postural and hormonal changes alone can cause significant pain and discomfort, SPD for example.

These changes can also exacerbate pre existing conditions e.g. back pain or headaches. At Frome Valley Osteopaths we can use gentle techniques to help mums to be relax into these changes by helping soften through the rib cage, spine and pelvis, allowing these changes to happen easier with less pain and discomfort. We can also often help after you have given birth to ensure that your pelvis and spine return to a place that is strong and optimal for you. We use gentle techniques and provide exercises.


We treat children of all ages for all sorts of issues, if you would like to ask more about a particular difficulty your child is having please get in touch and we will be happy to give you more information.

We very often treat new borns, Because birth is a perfectly natural process we sometimes forget how difficult it can be for your little one. During birth babies are subjected to huge forces as they squeeze through the mothers pelvis. Baby’s heads are still soft and the bones overlap to help the birth process, this is called moulding, It can sometimes leave the baby with stresses in their head/body which can be uncomfortable. This can be exaggerated if it was a difficult birth and/or if intervention with ventouse or forceps was needed. Different challenges can occur for babies who were born by C-section.

Osteopaths are trained to assess the physical state of babies and children and determine if there are physical reasons for their symptoms. Osteopaths take a full case history and gently assess the joints of the baby as with adults. They then use gentle cranial techniques to release tensions in the baby.

Symptoms of discomfort for your baby can include:
Excessive Crying.
Being unhappy or irritable for long periods.
Having difficulty falling or staying asleep.
Showing signs of digestive discomfort.
Preferring to feed on one side.


“Took my baby to see Lauren when she was 12 weeks old after learning about the benefits for babies (especially if born with any kind of trauma like ventouse etc). I was naturally a little worried as to how it would go, but before long my little girl was fast asleep in Lauren’s arms! The treatment is so gentle and at our follow up a few weeks later Lauren got the biggest smile! Thanks again Lauren!”