The vast majority of sports injuries are either traumatic or are caused by repetitive stress.


Traumatic injuries are usually sudden and caused by direct trauma, they usually have a noticeable onset with associated pain and inflammation.


Repetitive injures often have a gradual onset, they can start as an ache or niggle and without treatment can become increasingly painful and inflamed often causing limited mobility.


Our treatments find the cause of the pain or injury, reduce inflammation and pain levels, increase mobility, speed recovery and reduce the risk of reoccurrence. We may also recommend specific exercises and stretches to manage the injury at home between treatments and to increase the rate of recovery.


“I had been training for my first half marathon for about 7 months and with about 3 weeks to go before the race I had incredible pain down my left calf and ankle and realised I needed professional help. A mutual friend suggested I see Lauren and from the outset I realised I was in good hands, with her professional attitude and easy going personality she soon got to the root of my problem and managed to straighten my running stance which alleviated my calf and ankle problems. With a couple of follow up sessions and listening to Lauren’s advice I managed to complete my training and complete the race in under 1 hour 50 minutes. Now I’m training for marathons and ultra-marathons I see Lauren once a month just to ‘straighten’ my running gait and now regard her as an essential part of my support team”